Saint George Orthodox Church
Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America
1st Pan Orthodox Winter Dinner for Dormition Monastery

Dinner Pictures - 01/17/2013

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  • Our guiding principles were:
    • Educate and inform our parishes
    • Raise funds for the monastery
    • Drive our expenses to zero if at all possible through donations and doing all work internally
  • We planned the event to be on the feast day of a saint important to monasticism (1/17 Saint Anthony)
  • The dinner was a great success with over 100 attendees and in addition we were blessed to have Abbess Mother Gabriella and 7 others from The Dormition of the Mother of God as our guests.
  • The Mothers set up a wonderful display of vestments, books, icons and a Gift Shop
  • A special blessing was to have Vespers served by our guests
  • We raised over $5,200 for the Monastery in addition to nearly $1,000 of sales from their Gift Shop
  • Most importantly over 100 members of our parishes and others were introduced to the Monastery
  • Three wonderful talks were given
    • Saint Anthony and His Legacy For Us Via Our Local Monasteries - Fr. Matthew Butrie
    • Monasteries In Traditional Countries and Their Value For the Church - Fr. Paul Jannakos
    • Life as a Monastic at Dormition Monastery and What Awaits us as a Visitor - Mother Gabriella
  • Father Robert Royer gave the Invocation
  • Father Joseph Abud gave closing remarks and the Benediction
  • Assumption Church funded, brought and served hot wine, cider and soda
  • Saint George Church led, hosted, funded, made and served the dinner, decorated the hall and cleaned afterwards and did the accounting
  • Saint Mary Magdalene Church funded, made and served appetizers
  • Saint Nicholas Church funded, made and served desserts
  • All who came, cooked or donated or did all three made this event possible
  • More than anything else, let us give all Glory to God
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