Saint George Orthodox Church
Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America
Ministry Overview
Simply put MINISTRY is SERVICE to the Lord.

  1. Every baptized Orthodox Christian has a ministry that is discerned, guided, informed and strengthened within the Church community.
  2. One's ministry may be within the Church: Singing, chanting, baking bread, providing coffee and a snack for the fellowship that is offered after worship.
  3. One's ministry may be outside the Church: Feeding the poor, visiting those in hospitals and in prison.
  4. One's ministry may be as simple as being a joyful presence to others or it may be as complex as managing a project to improve or repair the church buildings and grounds.

Saint George has a number of internal and external ministries and is striving always to strengthen the faithful to discern and carry out their "SERVICE to the Lord".
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